• Design your photo book,  E-photodesigner

    E-photodesigner is here

    We are proud and happy to now be able to present our own program for designing photo books.

    There are now 8 categories of photo books you can order.

    Which means two new categories.
    StudioLine has got a nice sibling StudioArt.

    And we have a completely magical “hybrid paper”
    in the Fine Mat category.

    A paper that is as matte as Velvet with the finesse of the Fine Art paper.

    E-photodesigner works basically like any other photo book design software.
    We have still created a simple step by step instruction.

    Så enkelt så alla kan designa.

    How to know which book who is the one who fits?

    At  Extremaalbum.se  there is a comparison between books.

    The books are divided into four price groups where 1 costs more than price group 4.

    We hope this can help you in your choice of photo book.

  • Photoever-eng

    Photoever the page for you

    Photoever is a site for you who are a photographer.

    Photoever is a site that is for you as a photographer.
    There we give the opportunity to be seen in different ways.

    This is where you can guide your customers to become product aware,

    or your customers will come to you because they found you on the page Photoever.se.

    The site is financed by advertisements so you as a photographer pay nothing to participate.

    Your county

    We place you on the page.
    In your county, with text and links.


    We create a “mini website”
    for you. Like this

    On the map

    We dot you on our map.
    With images from Google


    We create e-books
    You can link and embed it.

Hej och Varmt välkommen hit, detta är sidan om E-Photodesigner.
Sprid glädje med böcker.
Designa hur många och stora du vill!
Vi bjuder på programmet  :)
Du beställer hos oss på Extremaalbum.com.

Att  beställa vår storsäljare, så här gör du. Läs på Extremaalbum.se