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Don’t design covers

Most things are allowed when designing in our free program,
but you should never design the covers.

01 Skip Cover!

If you designed the cover, you must remove it! – We show you how.

Highlight Cover and click the + sign.

Accept the extra spread.

It costs nothing extra, you design as many spreads as you want for free.

The new spread is in place.

Did the spread end up wrong?

You can click and drag to the right position.

Show the area of the pages.

Clicking there brings you to another we and can change there too.

Now the spread is in the right place and you can design.

! means that the image is not big enough for a good image in the book, take it into Photoshop and make it bigger, so that the exclamation mark disappears.

And finally

Select Cover and the images you have placed there and press delete.

Mark save and you’re done, you’ve received a back-up from the lab, you now have to tell them / Magnus that you’ve fixed it and that you’re now ready for printing.

You write to Magnus at

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