Free design for Extremaalbum customers

We have a solution for you!

For you who are a photographer and customer of Extremaalbum, we have a free software to design your photo books.


Have you photographed a wedding, family, children, confirmand, student, or boudoir?


Our software is as simple as any other.
You give us the design code when you order.


There are 8 types of photo books at Extremaalbum, you will soon find your favorite.

Let's make an E-book too

Extremaalbum has 8 types of photo books.

In addition, there are traditional albums, folio gift and cases for photos and USB – maybe you are interested in photos for wall?

You can easily create absolutely fantastic designs

With your pictures and with our program, you create completely magical books for your customers for free.

Your task is to immortalize memories
and emotions.

We preserve them.

With the help of our E-photodesigner program, you will get many benefits.

The program has no restrictions for you if you are our customer.

In E-photdesigner you create your design.
When you are done, your project will receive a code, which you copy and write in your order.

We hope you have soon designed books and ordered products so you also become a Premium customer.

Working hours

Hej och Varmt välkommen hit, detta är sidan om E-Photodesigner.
Sprid glädje med böcker.
Designa hur många och stora du vill!
Vi bjuder på programmet  :)
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