Get started

Important !!!

After designing and sending the project.
Order your photo book on the tab "ORDER"
in the order form on our " orders page.
Do not forget to enter the project code.

This program is free for all our customers.

After creating an account, you can start designing step one is to choose the type of book,
and then the size. The books are divided into all, portrait, landscape and square, make your choice.

What should your book be called?

Here you choose how many pages you intend to make.
Keep in mind that two pages will be a spread in a photo book while designing pages in a storybook.
You can add and delete pages later.

Where do you want to get pictures from?

Maybe the natural thing is your hard drive.
Select and upload now you'll be up and running soon.
Smart book options are already set so you do not have to think about margins and edges.

Download your files.

Select all the files you want in the book
You choose high resolution, an image of an entire spread in a 25x25 book will of course be 50cm wide,
and have 300 dpi . (5906 x 2953 px)
If an image is too small, the program warns with an exclamation point.

Prepare the program.

You can filter how your files are displayed and you can
make used files invisible.
Select one or more files and drag them onto a page or spread.
You choose to design the page or spread above the workspace on the left.

Page or spread ....

Set how you want to design.
You can then click the right or left arrow or the square symbol, above the workspace. If you choose to click on the square, you will see the templates and the expression.


You design spreads 1,2,3,4 ..... etc
skip Cover.

Select an image and change

Do you have an image with an or Then you can see why in the right field of work. < Your photos may have green, orange, or red exclamation marks, try green.
You can change the opacity to turn and rotate, zoom and change.
You can also redo templates, to help you have a grid system at the bottom left.

Save - Make a Copy - Resize

When you're done designing, save it.
You have three options when you click save.
"Only" Save, Save as and Save in another dimension.
If you go up in size, you must check that you do not have orange or red warnings.

Choose a compatible size

If you go from rectangular to square, you will have to redo the design.
The program imports all images but not an incompatible design.
If you go from a design that is eg 20x20 to 30x30 check.
You do not want any exclamation marks

You are not ready until you order on the order page

Important !!!
After designing and submitting your project,
please order your photo book in the order form on our " order page.
Remember to enter the project number
from E-photodesigner.

How would you like to share your project?

You can share the project with all your friends.
They will see it as it was designed with our realistic presentation.
What fits best? Email, link, Facebook or Twitter?

You can get help

Send your project to a friend or customer.
If you want, they can change the design.

But first

Check your lookups.
If you have a warning text go back and improve.

It is in order

You will receive an alert that you did not design the covers,
and that is in order.
If you get an alarm for another page, go back and fix it.

Then you order

There are a few steps before you arrive at the
project number.


The cost of 0,01€ is symbolic
we provide the program.


Check your address details.
so that the programme manager can contact you.


First click on Store_payment
then on Send order.


Now you see the #code in the top right corner!
take it with you to the order page

Go to the order page

Go to the order page

Enter your code

Now that you have finished the design and received your unique code for your design, copy it here.
Then you can configure your settings and the lab will download your design and place your order.

Hej och Varmt välkommen hit, detta är sidan om E-Photodesigner.
Sprid glädje med böcker.
Designa hur många och stora du vill!
Vi bjuder på programmet  :)
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